Eight-week-old kitten makes miracle recovery after surviving 30-minute cycle in WASHING MACHINE

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Lauren Gavin with her kitten Gollum who hid under a pile of washing and accidentally found herself in the machine (SWNS)

An eight-week-old kitten used up one of her nine lives after miraculously surviving a 30-minute cycle in a washing machine.

The terrible accident happened when Gollum the tortoiseshell cat hid under a pile of dirty laundry to escape the deafening noise of her owner, Lauren Gavin, hoovering.

But before the cute kitten was discovered Lauren tipped the load into the washing mashing and put it on for a full wash - mixing her colours with her cat.

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Half an hour later Lauren from Larkfield, Kent, opened the washing machine and an unconscious Gollum tumbled onto the kitchen floor - minutes from death.

Dismayed Lauren, 22, hugged the lifeless kitty to her arms and ran to the nearby vets for life-saving treatment.

The helpless creature was so cold and had so much fluid in her lungs it took an hour to raise her temperature.

But thankfully after being fitted with a drip the tiny cat - who is so small she could sit on a hand - regained consciousness and was returned home the same night to be reunited with her brother Squidgy.

Relieved Lauren said: "When I saw her I was devastated. She was meowing so faintly I could barely hear it, and she was hardly breathing. It was just so unexpected.

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"I literally just ran into the vets and explained what happened. They whisked her off instantly into the back room.

"We waited and when they came to say she was OK I was so relieved.

"She is practically back to her normal self. They said she shouldn¹t jump around but she was jumping around just the same. I¹m so grateful to the vets for saving her life."

Verity Page, practice manager at Sandhole Vets, in Snodland, Kent, said: "It took 45 minutes just to register a temperature.

"She is an amazing little kitten. She is like a miracle case. We are amazed she survived."