Catastrophe Season 1 review


Far from a Catastrophe, this Romantic Comedy Drama from creators and writers, Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney, is a funny, dark humoured delight.

When they meet in a bar one night in London, Sharon and Rob enjoy a week of frivolous sex, but a month later Sharon discovers that she’s pregnant, and this freewheeling pair must move in together and prepare for their lives to change.

This spin on the classic Rom-Com is a brilliantly funny, sweet and charming comedy that takes a side-looking view at many of life’s hurdles. Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney are excellent as the mismatched pair and the supporting cast provide the strange to the straight of the central couple.

The 6 episodes are a breeze to get through as we watch them start a relationship and try to keep their lives in check. It’s dramatic at times, with real pathos and moments of clarity, which fit perfectly with the black tinged comedy that seeps from the excellent, real script.

It’s a show of complicated human emotions, there’s no black and white, but grey confusing mixes of emotion. An excellent episode where Sharon worries about whether her child will be born with Downs Syndrome is delicately handled and endearingly honest, it’s when it becomes tinged with pathos that you realise you may just love this show.

With great music, direction and a good heart, Catastrophe may be one of the best British shows out at the moment. Go watch it.

Season 1 rating: A