Catcher Intervenes as Venomous Snakes Shut Down COVID-Testing Site in Sydney

A snake catcher in Sydney was called to a COVID-19 testing facility earlier this month after staff spotted a number of red-bellied black snakes on the grounds.

Sean Cade, of Australian Snake Catchers, shared footage to Facebook on May 2 showing him expertly catching one of the snakes at the St Marys testing site using a hook and a bin.

Cade told 9News that the facility was temporarily closed until the catchers attended.

He said that they conducted a thorough inspection to ensure no other snakes were around, and said that the snake he caught was later released. Credit: Sean Cade via Storyful

Video transcript

- Curled up.

- Aw, look at it all curled up and acting cute. Aw.

- Oh, [INAUDIBLE] him now.

- Yeah, he's tongue's [INAUDIBLE].

- Maybe it's cold.

- Kill it.

- Don't kill it.

- What does it mean when their tongue comes out?

- You might as well [INAUDIBLE].

- It's testing and tasting and air. Cute little thing, isn't it?

- It's gorgeous.

- See that red belly. [INAUDIBLE].

- There you go.

- Aw, it's beautiful.

- Eh, they kill. That's brand new.

- Brand new?

- How many do they have when they have their babies?

- Between 12 and 20.

- Oh, wow.

- Wonderful.

- Cool.

- Could it kill you?

- No, it'll make you sick.

- What about a full grown one?

- Oh, potentially, yeah. But generally, no. Wanna stand up again?

- A tourniquet above the bite.

- No, no.

- No?

- I'll show you.

- I can't believe [INAUDIBLE].

- You wouldn't have been [INAUDIBLE] hopefully. Big bag for a little snake.


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