Catcher Removes Small-Eyed Snake From Dining Room in Queensland

A snake catcher’s work is never done, seemingly, as Stuart McKenzie of Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 proved recently, when his takeaway pizza was interrupted by a call from a house in Ilkley.

Footage posted by McKenzie shows him moving containers to reveal the snake.

The resident of the Ilkley home says in the video, “I think he was sleeping under the door and when I went to take the dog out he bounced up and I think he was as panicked as I was.” Credit: Stuart McKenzie via Storyful

Video transcript

STUART MCKENZIE: Here's Snake Catcher, live. Basically, in a nutshell, went and picked up some takeaway, because we didn't have time to cook. Um, and then, get the takeaway home, and don't even have time to eat it, because I got a job. So, pizza's coming with me, thanks to Peppers in Buderim, a little plug, great pizza. But we're going to Ilkley, and we're gonna try and catch a snake that's gone inside. So they're keeping an eye on it. And, um, I'll probably be there soon.


Good day, mate.

- How you doing?

STUART MCKENZIE: Good. Yourself?

- Yeah, I'm all right now, got me wedding boots on, and I'm-- [LAUGHS]

STUART MCKENZIE: Oh, you got your protection on?

- Oh, just in case, yeah, you know.


- When he shot through here, I went to take the dog out. And he bounced over the doorstep and went in somewhere behind this lot.


- Um, we'll have to move stuff out of the way [INAUDIBLE]. He's only probably about that long--

- OK

- --black in color. [INAUDIBLE]


- [INAUDIBLE] at the time. [INAUDIBLE].

STUART MCKENZIE: No, that's all right.


Yeah, nice and [INAUDIBLE] here.

- There he is.



STUART MCKENZIE: What do we got?

- What is it?

STUART MCKENZIE: It is a-- I just got to reverse back carefully here.


STUART MCKENZIE: No, we're good.


STUART MCKENZIE: It's actually a small-eyed snake.

- A what snake?


- What is that?

STUART MCKENZIE: Highly venomous species.

- OK, all right. [LAUGHS]

STUART MCKENZIE: But, uh, yeah not something you certainly want inside.

- No, you know, I think he was sleeping under the door. And when I want to take the dog out, he just bounced up. And I think he was as panicked as I was. Yeah. No, that's all right. Yeah, they all are very-- all snakes are quite fond of us. So there he is, small-eyed snake, don't see them very often.

- Ah, yeah.

STUART MCKENZIE: Beautiful. It's not very often we get to see a small-eyed snake. That was a pretty tight little area I had to catch him, too. But it's all part of the job. There you are, look at that. Aren't you cool? Send this off. Off you go. And he disappears just like that. Off you go. See you, buddy.

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