Cats with human faces are the latest animals to bewilder the internet

Valkyrie the cat looks just like a human being (Picture: Caters)

Some pets look just like their owners – but this is ridiculous.

The internet has been left completely baffled by two cats who look just like… well, us.

These kitties have very human looking faces, from their quizzical eyes to their very familiar smiles.

They are Maine Coon kittens and they are the talk of the internet.

The siblings, a female called Valkyrie and a male called Confucius, were bred by Tatiana Rastorgueva at CatsvillCounty in Moscow, Russia.

Confucius has very human features (Picture: Caters)
The cats were bred in Russia (Picture: Caters)


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She has spent 16 years working with the distinctive breed – one of the largest domestic cats.

She said: “Every breeder has its own ideal of the cat – the cat he or she finally wants to get.

“I have been working on my dream for a long time.

Confucius is a Maine Coon cat, one of the largest domestic breeds (Picture: Caters)
The cats have a very distinctly human look to them (Picture: Caters)

“For 16 years I have been working with this breed to get some definite characters and now I am very close to my target.

“However it is still not exactly what I want. I hope soon to show the world an even cooler type of Maine Coon.”