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Bike cat-astophe!

A rather embarrassed puss had to be helped after getting wedged in the frame of a bicycle. RSPCA animal collection officer Prisca Giddens was called by the Met Police who found him stuck in the frame of the mountain bike in Greenford, London, on 23 February. Prisca said: ‘A delivery driver had called police after spotting the puss in a bit of a pickle!
The bike was chained up outside a house but the frame was upside down, hanging over a balcony. The cat had his head and front legs stuck on one side of the bike.’ Luckily, the puss was freed and hadn’t suffered any injuries so was released back onto the streets. At least on this occasion, curiosity didn’t kill the cat. (RSPCA)

Cats in nightclubs and sheep in trees: The RSPCA's top animal rescues of 2017

2017 has been a stressful year for everyone, not least for these animals who accidentally got themselves in something of a pickle.

From Taba the dog, who was spooked by fireworks and got stuck between two houses, to Dusty the kitten, who got his head caught in a bin, the RSPCA has seen it all when it comes to animal rescues.

These are the top 17 animals who needed a helping hand back to safety after biting off more than they could chew on their adventures.

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