Cat's stunned reaction to owner using cat face filter is online hit

(starts)This is a pet cat's hilarious stunned reaction to his owner using a cat-face filter.Anne posted the video to her TikTok page 'Kittane_Pixel' on 26th March, and it has since racked up a cool 8.3 million views.The video shows feline Pixel wide-eyed in surprise at his owner's grey-and-brown cat-face, superimposed on her using a filter.Anne included several hashtags in the caption, including "#catlover" and "#crazycatlady".Pixel's spooked reaction was an instant hit, with netizen 'LiarsRFunny' commenting: "You[']r[e] paying the therapy bills".While TikTok user Ally Parker said: "I thought I knew pure joy, then I watched this video".And online commenter 'HanMaria87' wrote: "I'm living for these vids!! His face is everything!!"Anne, who lives in Ontario, Canada, told Newsflash in an exclusive interview: "Pixel is three and a half years old. Had him since he was three months old.Anne explained that she adopted Pixel, who is a black and white Tuxedo domestic shorthair, from a cat rescue service.Anne has been running her own business - an in-home pet care service - for 14 years. She said: "Before that, I worked in a veterinary clinic for over 11 years."She added: "I love animals sooo much!"Anne added that she owns several other pets. She said: "I have three other cats. All four are from different cat rescues."Candy [is a] grey and white Tuxedo domestic shorthair, Tippy [is a] three-legged dilute calico domestic medium care, [and] Cotton [is a] white with tabby patches domestic shorthair."Pixel has larger eyes than normal - kitten-like. Plus, he has hilarious expressions that make everyone laugh. That is why I wanted to share him with TikTok!"Anne added: He also loves to play fetch, especially when I am asleep in bed!"On the now-viral video, Anne told Newsflash: "8.3 million views and counting, 1.7 million 'likes', and 34,400 comments - so exciting to have so many people enjoy Pixel's antics!"I love reading all the comments, and I try to answer and 'like' as many as I can."(T4 / ends)

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