Catt Sadler believes her male co-host might have helped with her equal pay fight

Dani Golub
Video Producer, Yahoo Lifestyle

After learning that Daily Pop co-host Jason Kennedy was earning nearly double her salary, Catt Sadler left her “dream job” at E! in December.

And while Kennedy, a veteran of the network himself, has been portrayed as an antihero throughout the storyline’s development — not an offender but certainly complicit in letting the disparity slide — Sadler spoke with her former E! colleague Maria Menounos this week on SiriusXM to set things straight.

Catt Sadler and Jason Kennedy. (Photo: Getty Images)

When asked if Kennedy went to E! executives on her behalf, Sadler said, “I believe so, yes. So that’s why proactively I made such a point of saying this isn’t about him. By the way, he has his own family, and by the way, he deserves every dime he’s making.”

Sadler also noted that she and Kennedy are still friends. “You know what, it’s understood between both of us that we will always love one another,” Sadler said. “This is a season.”

The relationship between Sadler and Kennedy might not have soured, but that’s certainly not the case for everyone, especially executives, at the network. Sadler admitted that she was heartbroken and upset on her last day on camera — but she couldn’t say that to the viewers. “I was just going to do my last day and not even say anything. I was always from the position this is not a celebration, I’m pissed. This is wrong,” Sadler said. Rather she waited to announce her departure and the reason for doing so on her blog theCATTWALK in a post titled “Why I Left E! Entertainment.”

Sadler admittedly still harbors resentments towards her former employer, but it’s unclear if she plans to take legal action regarding her pay dispute. When asked if she would sue the network, she said, “Not today.”