Caught on camera: Driver’s epic fail at trying to park her tiny car in HUGE space

This is the ridiculous moment a driver failed at getting her tiny car into a HUGE parking space.

Performing a staggering 10 manoeuvres, the woman just couldn’t seem to get her silver Citroen C1 into the more-than-adequate 30ft space down a residential street in Southend-on-Sea in Essex.

The cringeworthy display was caught on camera by dad-of-two Dean Leggett, who watched the whole sorry attempt from his living room window.

Dean, 51, admitted he had the urge to knock on the driver’s window and park it for her.

The driver just could not get her small car into the 30ft space (Caters)

He said: “I thought it was a boy racer the amount of revving that was going on.

“It was only when I looked out of the window did I realise she was really struggling to park – I’m surprised she didn’t blow the car up with all the revving.

“I wanted to go out there, tap on her window and say ‘get out, I will park it for you’.”

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Dean, who was watching TV as the parking palaver unfolded, went up to the window to see what all the revving was about.

He spent the following two minutes watching open-mouthed at the woman’s desperate attempts to park – before she gave up and pulled into an even bigger space further down the road.

Dean added: “If she’d driven straight in and then reversed straight back that would have been it.

The woman eventually ended up parking in an even bigger space down the road (Caters)

“As I watched her I was thinking ‘how can you not get in that spot?’ it was ridiculous.

“When she was reversing she kept going at the same [wrong] angle – I don’t know what she was doing or thinking.

“At one point I thought she was going to just drive off and not bother.

“When she finally parked I felt actual relief that she’d managed it.”

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