Caught on camera: Brazen scam to steal mobile phones revealed on CCTV

Two brazen thieves eye up their next victim in a Chinese internet cafe - before using decoy cash to swipe a mobile phone.

Remarkable CCTV footage shows the latest two-man scam used to steal phones in the Far East.

One of the thieves crouches behind an unsuspecting internet user, carefully placing a 10 yuan note on the floor behind their seat.

After giving the signal to his partner in crime, he taps his victim on the shoulder.

As the unassuming customer bends down to pick up the note, the second thief swoops in to swiftly pocket the mobile phone from the desk as his back is turned.

The victim turns back to his computer a split second later, by which time the two criminals are already out the door.

The thieves managed to distract their victim in Jiangsu Proince by using a note which is worth just £1, or $1.609.