Causeway Coast and Glens Council approves plans for new Coleraine apartments

Causeway Coast and Glens Council have given the green light to new Coleraine apartments. Credit: AMC Developments
Causeway Coast and Glens Council have given the green light to new Coleraine apartments. Credit: AMC Developments

The site location is at currently derelict lands between 43 and 47 Mountsandel Road. Submitted by Fleming McKernan Associates on behalf of AMC Developments, the proposal is for four apartments in a two-storey building with associated site works.

Ground floor dwellings will be two bedroom and first floor will be three bedroom. The site is surrounded by residential development to the west, east and south. Dwellings are mostly two-storey with a mixture of design.

The technical specification states that the proposed development will “bring a new sense of belonging and planning gain to the area, considering the current status of the site with its front hoardings and sense of dereliction”. It adds: “The scheme will enhance the local character, the environmental quality and residential amenity of this area.

“Considering that the adjoining six apartments recently completed have all been sold, there is obviously a desirable need for this type of proposal.”

According to the Development Management Officer Report, the new apartment building will have “a modern style with two-storey front projection and two storey flat roof return”. It adds: “The proposal is considered acceptable in context of the topography of the site.”

The proposal has been designed to have the appearance of a single dwelling when viewed from the road. There are no archaeological features near the site. It is located near to Mountsandel Cottage, a listed building, but HED Historic Buildings is content with the plans presented.

The report adds: “The proposal is not considered to be of detriment to the setting of this listed building having regard to its siting, design and materials and finishes and the intervisibility between the two buildings.”

In addition, the proposal “seeks to utilise communal private open space for recreation purposes” and is “considered to support walking and cycling with its location on Mountsandel Road a major route through the town”.mEnvironmental Health did not express any concerns regarding adverse impacts or noise from the plans. NI Water advised of some issues regarding capacity in the sewer network but following correspondence with the council, advised that the application can be approved.