CBB has taught Malika Haqq what a Prime Minister does

Justin Harp
Photo credit: Channel 5

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If nothing else, Celebrity Big Brother should be applauded for American housemate Malika Haqq a crash course in UK politics.

Unfortunately, Khloé Kardashian's best pal has been having some severe culture shock since she entered the all-female Big Brother house with seven British ladies on Monday (January 3).

And while she scored some points during a contentious debate about Hollywood's sexual misconduct scandal, Malika is having a bit more trouble coming to grips with Anglo culture.

Photo credit: Channel 5

In the Diary Room after the others had gone to bed, Malika laid out the main Britishisms that had somehow eluded her throughout most of her life.

"I'm just trying to keep up and learn a lot of the different lingo," a slightly discouraged Malika told Big Brother. "You know, different cities and traditions, positions of power that I'm completely unaware of.

"But, I don't mind the differences. Not at all. I feel like I have a lot I can learn. I think that a lot of people in the house are all very familiar. Like, they grew up the same way, going to boarding schools or it just seems to be more of a stricter [environment]. Maybe a little more structured than what I'm used to."

Photo credit: Channel 5

Asked by Big Brother to clarify what she'd learned so far, Malika answered: "A prime minister. The position of power, for me in the States, might be more like a president. When I say 'lingo', I mean different titles.

"We don't have the same language at all, but I'm learning. I'll ask questions along the way."

Fair enough! Although, not according to some tetchy viewers: