CBeebies Rocked By C-Word Claim

Exhausted parents usually look to CBeebies as a beacon of peace and tranquility among the unending hours of tears, tantrums and constant nappy changes.

So imagine one mum’s shock when she heard long-serving presenter Chris Jarvis utter an EXTREMELY rude word while singing a jaunty little number about kites.

Well, she thought she did, anyway. BBC bosses have been at pains to point out that the offending swear world was nothing more than the Show Me, Show Me presenter warbling the line “you’re a fluttering kite”.

That’s KITE, OK?

Mum Lyndsey Mann shared a clip of the supposedly cuss-filled ditty on Facebook along with the caption: “You what CBeebies?!?” She was busy tidying the house while her young daughter sat in front of the TV before Chris’s alleged C-bomb made her drop her duster in despair.

The clip has now been shared some 3 million times and attracted a whopping 20,000 comments across social media.


“At first I thought it was really funny because it was just a shock,” Lyndsey told The Sun. “But if my little girl who’s two starts saying that in public it’s going to make me look really bad, so it’s upsetting and quite annoying - she wouldn’t know any difference.“

However, Lyndsey has since denied that she was particularly distressed by the offending song. “Haha a post in The Sun,” she said on Facebook. “It’s made me sound a bit prudy square! And some people commenting are misunderstanding my feelings, I’m not mad, I think it’s bloody hilarious!!!

"But the reporter asked me questions like ‘how would you feel if your child repeated it’ and I said well yea it would be horrendous! Lol I can’t exactly say it would be awesome.”


CBeebies bosses have since responded to Lyndsey, confirming “It’s kite everyone, kite! We make shows for your little ones so it’s always going to be kite."

Well thank heavens for that!