CBS Arena to be transformed into Irish pub for one night only

The Coventry Building Society Arena is set to be transformed into an Irish pub for one night only later this year. The 'One Night In Dublin' with a night of Irish classics at Murphys Bar is taking place on Friday, November 1.

The Wild Murphys will be opening up their bar in the lower halls at the venue. The multi-award-winning six-piece live band, with fiddle, accordion and authentic dancers will be performing a catalogue of Irish singalong classics.

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The Wild Murphy is fronted by lead singer and accordion player Middi Murphy, joined by Trevor Brewis (Jimmy Nail) on drums, Tony Davis (Prelude) on keys and BBC award-winning fiddle player Sophy Ball.

“We have performed around the West Midlands a lot over the years and the shows have always been well-attended,” said Middi.

“I grew up with the music of Ireland, my dad especially was a huge lover of Irish music. None of us are Irish, we make that very clear in all our marketing, it's a tribute, but we've always been treated very kindly by the Irish community because we do the songs justice and we don't pretend to be something we're not, we have a group of fantastic musicians who really play the songswell and it also features authentic Irish dancers.

“Above all, you should expect a fantastic atmosphere with the vibe of being in an Irish Pub on St. Patrick's Night. It's got great music, loads of singalong songs and there’s a bit of banter in the show that the audience loves.

"There's no way we'd say no to playing at Coventry Building Society Arena, who wouldn't want to play there, it's a great venue, lovely staff and we’re expecting a great crowd in Coventry."

Jenni Ford, director of sales and marketing at Coventry Building Society Arena, added; " We have a great Irish community here in Coventry and we’re sure that they, along with other fans of Irish music, will all be coming out to join us in Murphys Bar in November.

“It’s going to be a great party and a memorable night!”

Tickets for One Night In Dublin are £28 plus booking fee and available from the website here

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