'CBS Will Tell You It's Ending': Tom Selleck Talks Blue Bloods’ Cancellation And That Time He Threw Chicken Filming A Reagan Family Dinner Scene

 Frank in office on Blue Bloods.
Frank in office on Blue Bloods.

Blue Bloods has long been a staple of CBS’ Friday night TV schedule, so when news came down the pipeline the Reagan family drama would be ending, I was honestly shocked. The drama is still a ratings winner for the network –sure one with A-listers like Tom Selleck and Donnie Wahlberg and a bloated budget -- but still a huge success among the other 2024 canceled TV shows. Because of this, it's no surprise the team doesn’t want the series to end, and Selleck’s latest comments make it clear Frank Reagan won’t be stepping away from his post without a fight.

Selleck’s Message For The Fans About Blue Bloods’ Future

Selleck’s been doing press rounds as Blue Bloods wrapped on the first part of Season 14; the second, final half of that season is slotted to air next fall. This time he was asked by Esquire about the future of the drama, and he had a message for the fans about what his game plan is over the next six+ months.

What’s the future of Blue Bloods? CBS will tell you it’s ending. I think they’re going to come to their senses. I certainly wish they would. I’m going to do whatever it takes. Tell your friends.

Let’s unpack this comment. First, the part about “CBS will tell you it’s ending” is extremely accurate. In fact, CBS said just that a few weeks ago, when network head honcho Amy Reisenback straight up noted: “We are going to end the show come December.” Yet, that hasn’t slowed down Selleck, who clearly wants the series to continue. He’s been faithfully touting he’ll be fighting until the end for weeks now.

In fact, the actor has said repeatedly he’d like to return for Season 15. He’s stuck to his guns with these comments as well, and his recent statement above aligns very well with one he made a few weeks ago in which he noted some truths. Blue Bloods is the third highest rated show on network television and is still winning the night on Friday nights. Thusly, Selleck feels CBS must “come to their senses” about Blue Bloods.

Frank in office on Blue Bloods
Frank in office on Blue Bloods

Tom Selleck Shares Funny Story About Reagan Family Dinner Scene He Never Lives Down

Meanwhile, the cast is often hamming it up on set, and in the same interview the Frank Reagan actor also spoke (semi-fondly) about some funny set memories, including a family dinner moment he says he’ll never live down. There are plenty of secrets behind those Reagan family dinner scenes. In the past, we’ve learned that in order to cut down on the “clinking” noises, the crew gives the Blue Bloods cast fake silverware to use. But they also get real food, which apparently led to a problem for the actor during one memorable filming day. The full BTS story?

We have plastic forks and knives painted silver for the dinner scenes. I got a chicken cutlet one day and I broke two forks in the middle of my close-up, and I really got pissed. It was not my finest hour on Blue Bloods. I took that cutlet and threw it like a Frisbee across the room, which I have never heard the end of since.

Filming those dinner scenes can be incredibly tough on the cast, and while Selleck made light of his antics on set that day, he's not really getting into the hours and effort the main stars have to put in to get those scenes to come off flawlessly. But they really are the highlight of the show, and one of the main reasons the cast has credited Blue Bloods for lasting so long.

Right now, the cop drama is on hiatus before fall TV returns, though fans have had plenty of thoughts about Season 14’s mid-season finale. Selleck is keeping busy with his ranch and doing press for his memoir, You Never Know: A Memoir. Given his feelings on the trajectory of where his show could still, maybe, hopefully, potentially go, that headline feels pretty on point right now.