New CCTV of Michael Mosley discovered as search for missing TV doctor continues in 'unrelenting heat'

Greek Red Cross team search the hills between the towns of Symi and Pedi for missing Dr Michael Mosley
-Credit: (Image: Tim Merry/Mirror Express)

Further CCTV footage has been uncovered, seemingly featuring missing TV doctor Michael Mosley. A man, believed to be the health guru, could be seen next to a marina on the Greek island he vanished on.

The footage, captured in the village of Pedi on Wednesday, June 5, appears to show Dr Mosley walking towards rocky hills, the Mirror reports. A major search operation is now under way to find the 67-year-old.

Symi is currently being scoured by emergency responders, using helicopters, drones and sniffer dogs to aid the operation. The local mayor, Eleftherios Papakaloudoukas has said there was “no chance” the search would be called off until he is found.

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He said the area where Dr Mosley was believed to have travelled through is “difficult to pass” and is “only rocks”. He also said it was populated by “loads” of snakes.

Firefighters were forced to split up to cover vast expanses of steep rocky terrain during Saturday morning's 'unrelenting heat'. One uniformed worker told PA there were ten of them searching multiple summits because it was too dangerous for large crews to work during the summer months.

Firefighter Stergos Giakoumakis said from near one of the peaks: “Because it’s not so easy to bring here 100 people, especially this period, because it’s the most dangerous period. Everything is dry and it is too dangerous for firemen to search.” Follow our live blog for the latest updates on this story.