CCTV Shows Man Escaping From Prison Van in North Tyneside, England

CCTV captured the moment a man escaped from a prison van outside a police station in North Tyneside, England, on May 29.

According to local media reports, Robert Friendship Smith told a guard inside the vehicle that he was feeling unwell. He was rolled a bottle of water under the cell door, but said he was unable to reach it. The door of the cell was then opened slightly so the water could be handed to him.

The security guard was subsequently “distracted” by another prisoner, at which point Smith was able to reach around the door, unhook the chain, open it fully, and exit the vehicle.

The report added that as he ran, a perimeter gate was opened to let in a police vehicle, allowing Smith to exit through the gate onto a road. He was arrested within a week, and was subsequently jailed for six months, the report said. He had 58 previous convictions.

This footage shows him running out of the prison van, before making it onto a busy road. Credit: Northumbria Police via Storyful