CCTV Shows Paris Bomber Detonating Suicide Belt

CCTV Shows Paris Bomber Detonating Suicide Belt
CCTV Shows Paris Bomber Detonating Suicide Belt

Footage has emerged showing one of the Paris attackers blowing himself up during last year's terror attacks on the French capital.

Brahim Abdeslam detonated his suicide belt inside the Comptoir Voltaire restaurant on 13 November.

The 31-year-old is the brother of Salah Abdeslam, who went on the run following the attacks and was captured in Brussels last month.

Brahim Abdeslam was the only person to die in the restaurant bombing, as his suicide belt failed to detonate properly.

In the frame-by-frame footage, Abdeslam, who is dressed in black, is seen walking into the Comptoir Voltaire.

He heads for the centre of the restaurant, surrounded by young people enjoying a Friday evening meal, unaware of what is about to take place.

Abdeslam places his hand towards his forehead as diners glance towards him.

His suicide vest explodes, the blast ripping through his body.

He is rocked forward by the force of the explosion as the people in the restaurant recoil in shock.

The footage was broadcast on the French television station M6, which aired it as part of the Zone Interdite programme on Sunday night.

A nurse caught up in the attack battled to save Abdeslam's life - unaware of who he was.

David, who did not want to give his full name when interviewed, said he saw a "large hole" in Abdeslam's side and then noticed the wires from his bomb when he ripped off his shirt.

The attacks across Paris were claimed by Islamic State and killed 130 people.

Several groups of terrorists carried out the series of shootings and suicide bombings that also injured more than 350 people.

The attacks began at the Stade de France, where suicide bombers detonated explosive belts as France played Germany in a friendly match.

Later, gunmen armed with Kalashnikov assault rifles shot customers at Le Carillon bar and Petit Cambodge restaurant.

Attackers also opened fire in front of A La Bonne Biere restaurant in the 11th district, and outside La Belle Equipe.

At the Bataclan Concert Hall, several gunmen also entered the venue and shot randomly at the crowd.

Salah Abdeslam was the only surviving suspect involved in the attacks.

He was arrested after a gun battle at an apartment in the Forest district of Brussels on 15 March.