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Sofia Vergara

Being the highest-paid TV actress is a lot of work — and apparently a lot of play. Sofia Vergara’s life seems like one big party we want to join in on. She’s always traveling to amazing places — and often brings her family along. (Shout out to her son, Manolo Gonzalez Vergara.) For instance, fresh off a jaunt to Mexico last year for a wedding, Sofia and hubby Joe Manganiello traveled to Bora Bora for the holidays, bringing along his fam to mark his 40th birthday. And why go home after that? Instead, they rang in the New Year during a couple’s trip to another French Polynesian island, Taha’a. And when they are home, they are hosting elaborate parties at their place, which boasts every oversized pool float in America as well as a cotton candy machine. Sofia, can we borrow your life for a month? (Photos: Sofia Vergara via Instagram)

Celebrities Who Are Always on Vacation (or Maybe It Just Seems That Way)

We know being a celebrity requires a lot of globe-trotting for work (promotion, promotion, promotion!), but these celebs also seem to have a heckuva lot of downtime. Here are seven stars who — after one swipe through their Instagram feeds — seem to constantly be on vacation. And, yes, we’re jealous.