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Chris Cuomo

The CNN host announced he has tested positive for COVID-19 on March 31.

“Sooooo in these difficult times that seem to get more difficult and complicated by the day, I just found out that I am positive for coronavirus,” he said in a statement posted to Twitter. “I have been exposed to people in recent days who have subsequently tested positive and I had fever, chills and shortness of breath.”

Cuomo said he’s quarantined in his basement and will continue airing his CNN show, Cuomo Prime Time, from there.

“I just hope I didn’t give it to the kids and Cristina,” he continued of his children and wife. “That would make me feel worse than this illness!”

The CNN host has become a reliably entertaining interviewer since coronavirus coverage has taken over television news stations in March, with the virus virtually halting daily American life.

Most notably, Cuomo has gone viral for his charming interviews with his brother, New York state Gov. Andrew Cuomo, throughout the pandemic.

Celebrities Who Have Tested Positive for Coronavirus

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