Celebrities Who Have Dated … Themselves

For celebrities, denying dating rumors is a constant chore. And sometimes it can backfire, opening up even more unwanted speculation. Luckily, there’s a go-to phrase for dealing with any and all relationship drama: “I’m dating myself.”

Bella Hadid

Most recently, model Bella Hadid used the key phrase to shrug off rumors that she’s dating DJ Daniel Chetrit.

Alicia Keys

In 2007, Alicia Keys gave a clever response to People about her relationship status, “I’m dating myself … No, I’m serious. She’s this beautiful woman … her name is Alicia, I’m getting to know her better and taking her out.” Shortly thereafter though, she broke up with herself and she settled down with hip-hop producer Swizz Beatz. The sweet couple recently celebrated 7 years of marriage.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan has always been an easy target for dating drama, and earlier this year deftly dodged the usual Valentine’s Day question with a clever answer. “I’m dating myself. I don’t have a Valentine,” Lindsay said of her relationship and holiday plans.

La La Anthony

La La and Carmelo Anthony have had a rocky relationship in recent months (a divorce seemed to be impending but La La recently shut that down, for now). But when Wendy Williams asked her in June if she was back in the dating game, La La played it coy. She said, “I’m dating myself … I’m taking out all the bad stuff in my life and just really dating and focusing on myself.”

Jon Gosselin

In 2014, celebrity dad and former reality star Jon Gosselin waxed philosophical about any romantic developments. He admitted, “I’m dating myself right now … I don’t even know myself … I’ve always been with a woman.”

Jordin Sparks

Jordin Sparks and Jason Derulo had a public breakup in 2014 after three years together. But after picking up the pieces, Jordin kept it honest: “I’m dating myself for sure … I’m really not in any space to be in a relationship with anybody.”

Justin Bieber

And last but not least, there’s Justin Bieber, who in 2016 released a song titled “Love Yourself” that disses an unnamed ex. Sure, it’s doesn’t mean exactly the same thing as the whole “I’m dating myself” excuse but what’s a relationship drama story without a cameo from the Biebs?

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