Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag declare war on Rylan, then enter the main house

After being chosen by Rylan Clark and Frankie Dettori to live in the Big Brother basement, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt were feeling more than a little put out.

The two initially seemed to take the news well on entering the basement and meeting their fellow housemates.

However, when the basement housemates were given the opportunity to meet the celebrities living in the main house the two declined, staying below ground.

Talking to Big Brother in the makeshift Dairy room, Spencer and Heidi aired their anger at Rylan and Frankie.

Spencer told Big Brother: "The decision by singer boy and jockey man was not a good decision; they should have sacrificed themselves as team players. I wouldn't have put myself above others, it's inconsiderate, selfish,"

Thinking it strange that the two didn't want to meet the rest of the house, Rylan later took to the Diary Room to share his thoughts on the couple.

He said: "They've done enough reality shows, if they've got the hump f**k 'em, I can't stand fake people, if you've got a problem say it, it could be a bit of drams."

This is going to be interesting.

Also this evening in a live twist, the main house housemates were told that they had to vote for who they wanted to live in the basement.

After a round of face to face voting, it was Frankie who received the most votes leaving the comforts of the main house to live in basement for the foreseeable future.

However, in a further twist, Frankie then had to choose someone to take his place from the basement.

Despite everyone telling Frankie to pick Neil Ruddock, the jockey decided that Heidi and Spencer should enter the house.

Rylan, you'd better watch your back.