Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Jake Quickenden Denies Stevi Ritchie And Chloe Jasmine Showmance - EXCLUSIVE

Ever since X Factor ‘lovebirds’, Chloe Jasmine and Stevi Ritchie, announced that they were going to get married and have lots of babies and fab sex (vom), the entire world shouted one thing in complete unison: “SHOWMANCE”.

And, to be fair, their stint in Celebrity Big Brother hasn’t done them any favours when it comes to legitimizing their relationship.

With both sides gushing about how much they love the other at any given opportunity, not to mention the random and seemingly petty fights about jealousy, viewers have accused the couple of acting out the biggest fake romance since Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark.

And we all remember how that turned out…

Anyways, one person who has Stevi and Chloe’s backs’ is fellow X Factor 2014 contestant, Jake Quickenden, who we caught up with at last night’s TV Choice Awards.

Speaking exclusively to Yahoo Celebrity UK, Jake defended his old pals, saying: “I don’t think it’s a showmance.

“I saw how they were in the X Factor house and to be honest, they were very close then. Even though they weren’t together they were very good friends and there was a spark.

“A lot of people say everything is a showmance, I have that with Danielle (Fogarty, his girlfriend). People see 5% of things, they don’t see 95% of the other stuff when you’re behind closed doors.”

Erm, well, not unless you’re in the Big Brother house, eh Jake?

Addressing the couple’s arguments about James and Jenna, Jake added: “I just think they should keep being themselves and keep showing everyone it’s not a showmance, because I don’t think that it is.

“All relationships have trust issues but chuck yourself in the big brother house and obviously its just going to get escalated, but I think that they will be fine.

“I just hope that they hold their own in there because the Americans have some big characters; I would have blown my lid already but they’re handling it really well.

“They are a lovely couple and I watch Big Brother every night, hopefully they will win.

“I do like a few of the others but Stevi and Chloe are my favourites.”

Well, they would have to be if you were mates with them, wouldn’t they?