Celebrity Big Brother 2016: Chris And Danniella’s Feud Over Panto Role?


Christopher Maloney will tell anyone who’ll listen about his so-called feud with Danniella Westbrook, so it’s only fitting that busybody Gemma Collins cornered him for a chinwag in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

But is this rivalry all because of a panto?! Gemma grilled Chris, 46, for the details on their bad blood and the former X Factor star appeared to suggest it may stem from Danniella being replaced in a panto they were in together.

Danniella was apparently replaced by ex-Big Brother housemate Nikki Grahame. Yeah, we’d be pretty unhappy too…

“I got a panto and she hasn’t done it for 15 years, we lived together and worked together, it was great,” Chris says in scenes airing tonight on CBB.


“She got replaced by Nikki Grahame because the panto production team read the papers that she had a relapse and they didn’t like that and withdrew the contract.

“People have been stirring s**t too. I hope we can sort it out, I do miss her greatly. We got our dogs together! It’s not like I’ve done anything.”

Well, there’s little chance of things being sorted out if Danniella’s reaction to Chris’ olive branch is anything to go by!


Later in the day, after being freed from the box, Danniella is met by Chris saying: “Are you alright? I was worried about you.” And she just completely ignores him…

So the most bizarre celebrity feud of 2016 rolls on!

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