Celebrity Big Brother 2016: Kristina Rihanoff Defends Announcing Her Pregnancy In The House

Viewers were left stunned when Strictly Come Dancing’s Kristina Rihanoff announced that she was almost three months pregnant just three days after entering the Celebrity Big Brother house.

We mean, to be honest, it was a pretty huge clanger.

Many fans of the show questioned whether she should have so publicly broken her exciting news, and even her former housemate Nancy Dell’Olio questioned her motives, with the lawyer saying yesterday: “I didn’t like it.

“I was shocked that she was making this announcement and taking this opportunity. I mean, it was a lack of good taste.

“[She was] trying to do something to gain back some reputation.”

Now the professional dancer has defended her decision to tell her housemates, insisting during last night’s eviction interview that she didn’t want the other contestants to think that she was getting special treatment.

Speaking to Emma Willis, Kristina explained: “I wanted to keep it to myself at first but then I spoke to the producers and what I felt was that if I was treated differently in the house – if I was always fed and could opt out of tasks - I felt that the housemates would be very upset with me and I wanted to be fair.

“It would stress me out to keep it to myself.”

She went on to add: “Also I’m growing – I’m like a hoover – I eat everything I see in front of me!”

However, Kristina quashed claims that she was struggling to cope in the house due to her pregnancy, insisting that she wouldn’t have enjoyed the time in the house either way.

She shared: “[The eviction] is all I was praying for for the past couple of days. It was very difficult in the house because the arguments became so vicious.

“It was not my cup of tea at all – pregnant or not pregnant - it’s not my game at all.”