Celebrity Big Brother 2016: Stephen Bear’s Ex Lillie Lexie Gregg Enters The House

Stephen Bear’s ex-girlfriend Lillie Lexie Gregg has entered the Celebrity Big Brother house to confront her cheating boyfriend in, what’s set to be, an explosive showdown.

Sharing a teaser on Twitter, BBUK posted a picture of Bear and the blurred reflection of Lillie behind him, and curiously captioned it: “There’s a surprise visitor here to see Bear! Wonder how he’ll react…”


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To add further credibility to the shock snap, the Ex On The Beach star was spotted outside Elstree studios with a packed suitcase earlier today (Aug 17). Ruthless!

This comes after Bear publicly cheated on her, broke up with her and pursued a relationship with fellow housemate Chloe Khan on national TV – despite his future plans to reportedly marry and start a family with Lillie. Oh, the drama!

Speaking about his X-rated antics, Lillie recently told OK: “I’m in shock. I’m gutted, embarrassed, humiliated, but the Bear I’m watching on the television is unrecognisable as my boyfriend.


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“It never entered my head that I couldn’t trust him. When he first kissed Chloe, even though it was a dare, from that moment it was completely finished. That was disrespectful and hurtful and horrible to watch.”

And in the wake of her heartbreak, the blonde beauty – who had been in a relationship with Bear since April – wants to confront him and ask him some tough questions about his house hook up.

“I just want to know why he’s done this to me?” she explained to The Mirror. “How can you do that to someone you care about? If the roles had been reversed, no way in a million years would I have behaved the way he has.”

She then added: “If he doesn’t want to be with me then that’s fine, but why couldn’t he have just said that before he went into the house?”


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To win this week’s shopping task, housemates must complete a series of simple tasks that require extreme concentration, but Big Brother will throw in a variety of distractions to tempt their eye off the prize.

The ‘ignore the obvious’ challenge will include appearances and messages from housemates’ friends and family, as well as significant others, or… enraged exes!

Celebrity Big Brother is on Channel 5 tonight at 9pm.

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