Celebrity Big Brother 2018: Nikki Grahame accuses Ashley James of sleeping her way into show

Mike P Williams

Nikki Grahame has shared some controversial thoughts on this year’s Celebrity Big Brother’s housemates.

The outspoken former contestant on Big Brother 7, Big Brother 16, and Ultimate Big Brother didn’t hold back when voicing her thoughts on Ashley James.

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Tweeting to her 141,000 followers during the opening night of the show, Nikki blasted the former Made in Chelsea star and self-styled DJ and influencer.

Speaking her mind, Nikki asked: ‘Who did she s**g to get on here ‘CBBASHLEY’.

But she wasn’t finished…

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Nikki also had some words of wisdom she felt compelled to share about India Willoughby and Ann Widdecombe…

While some have questioned the diversity in the house, Nikki noted the age range of a majority of this year’s celebs; suggesting there was a more mature group of women selected.

First night intros in Celebrity Big Brother 2018. (Credit: 2018)

Having used the #CBB hashtag, she naturally got a lot of comments back (aka abuse) for her tweets.

However, credit where it’s due, she did clap back with a pretty epic response to one viewer who asked: ‘And you are famous for???’


Her reply? ‘Being cold’, which is a reference to her time in the Big Brother house and the infamous (and somewhat iconic) diary room rants she had.

The Ashley comment is particularly scathing considering this year is celebrating feminism and the 100-year anniversary of a woman’s right to vote, but seems the choice of contestants can’t please everyone.

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Nikki proved one of the show’s most memorable housemates in history, when her tantrums (“Who IS she?!” anyone?) made headlines. After being evicted by the public in 2006, she was secretly (and controversially) brought back into the house a few weeks later, finishing in fifth place.

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