Celebrity Big Brother's Wayne Sleep flashes his manhood

Justin Harp
Photo credit: Channel 5

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Warning: The following article contains NSFW photos and tweets.

Nobody was prepared to see Wayne Sleep's, ermm, Lil Wayne on Celebrity Big Brother tonight. And yet, things happen.

Everyone tuning in definitely saw more of Lil Wayne than they ever bargained for when the dancer flashed fellow housemates during Friday night's (January 12) highlight show on Channel 5, thus entering Celebrity Big Brother's Lewis Bloor Hall of Fame in the process.

Photo credit: Channel 5

The bizarre turn-of-events came out of nowhere when Amanda Barrie made light of Wayne's towel slipping, unintentionally or otherwise, on the way to the shower.

That's where things got weird, as Maggie Oliver laughingly complained about missing the flashing and asked the former dancer to have another look - and, for some reason, he complied by unleashing Lil Wayne once again with a little jiggle.

You might want to sit down because, below, is a look at Wayne Sleep partially in the buff:

"That's the second time I've seen it," a mockingly bemused Amanda deadpanned. "That's the second time I witnessed it!"

The housemates may have laughed at Wayne's exhibitionism, but viewers at home were definitely not prepared. For starters, it reminded at least one fan of something else:

Others were more shocked to meet Lil Wayne so abruptly: