Celebrity Big Brother: The episode that won’t be repeated because of Jimmy Savile’s creepy appearance


Classic episodes of Big Brother are being repeated in celebration of the show’s 20th anniversary.

The latest instalment to be broadcast came from the controversial fourth series of Celebrity Big Brother, which aired in 2006.

It was the episode that saw non-celebrity contestant (and eventual series winner) Chantelle Houghton trick her fellow housemates into believing she was a member of fictional girl band Kandy Floss.

Other celebrities seen in this particular episode, which was shown on E4, included Pete Burns, Michael Barrymore, Jodie Marsh, Dennis Rodman and George Galloway.

While viewers were happy reminiscing about the series, there is one episode from the same series that will probably never be shown again due to the fact it featured Jimmy Savile.

Savile entered the house as part of a special task five years before he was exposed as a prolific sexual predator and paedophile in 2011. He died in 2010.

Some of his sleazy comments take on an even more disturbing light when viewed with this knowledge.

At one stage, he can be heard telling Rodman: ”I want you to know I have a violent temper but you have nothing to fear from me.”

After meeting Chantelle, he says before kissing her hand, “I know that many fellas love you, but they don’t love you with the sincerity and tenderness I do.”

He even tells actor Rula Lenska that he “would want to marry all of you ladies for at least 24 hours”.

Jimmy Savile entered the ‘Big Brother’ house for two episodes in 2006
Jimmy Savile entered the ‘Big Brother’ house for two episodes in 2006

Perhaps most disturbing is the moment when Savile pokes his head into a room filled with the women housemates to tell them: “Don’t forget ladies, I’m available most weekends for home visits.”

As he’s leaving the house, he says it was a good thing that he was not permitted to stay overnight as he hails from a ”red-blooded part of the country”.

He also wondered if any of the housemates had ever been to prison, and described entering the house as his first time “inside”.

Davina McCall and Rylan Clark-Neal will continue to introduce vintage episodes of Big Brother until 26 June.

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