Celebrity Big Brother: Jedward’s Secret Heartache As Twins’ Father Fights For His Life In Hospital

Fresh from the high of finishing a very respectable second place on Celebrity Big Brother, Jedward left the house only to find out that their father was in hospital.


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The family had made the decision not to tell the boys while they were in the house, as they knew that if the twins had found out, they’d leave.
Jedward’s family said they didn’t want the boys to disappoint fans if they left the house early.

Speaking to The Daily Star, Jedwards mother Susanna Condron – also the boy’s manager – said that her husband had been in intensive care for over a week:
“The last week has been very stressful for Jedward’s family.

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“John Snr has been in intensive care. He insisted Edward and John must not be informed about his critical condition.

“He stated he would not jeopardise their chances of reaching the final as there would have been legions of disappointed fans.”

The boys only found out late last night and are expected to go and visit their father in hospital as soon as possible.

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The boys and their mother have remained largely silent since they left the house last night, and didn’t mention their father’s illness, simply thanking fans for their support on the show: ‘A huge Thank you to our Jedicated fandom and all our new supporters for believing in us, throughout the series X’

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