'Celebrity Big Brother' preview: Chloe confronts married Jermaine

Laura Hannam
'Celebrity Big Brother' preview: Chloe confronts married Jermaine

Up to now kidnap victim Chloe Ayling has seemed all too happy to go along with Jermaine Pennant’s flirtations in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

Bizarrely not seeming to have realised yet that Pennant is a married man of four years to wife Alice Goodwin, Ayling’s flirtations have been widely scrutinised by her housemates and viewers. She has been sharing a bed with him, swapping love notes and even kissing him on Monday’s episode.

However, in tonight’s episode Ayling finally seems to clock on to the fact that Pennant is indeed a taken man. In the below clip she attempts to confront him by saying “you are telling them you have a girlfriend’ with regards to the other CBB housemates.

To which Pennant brushes her off and mumbles the outside world will probably give them “pure headache” once they’re out of the house.

Rumours have been swirling that Jermaine’s wife Goodwin will eventually enter the house to confront him and Ayling, but she has yet to appear.

Meanwhile, in another preview clip Ayling reveals to the rest of the housemates the details of the flirty notes between her and Pennant.

After revealing one of them says “I really like you” and “since day one” from Pennant, TOWIE‘s Dan Osborne shakes his head and remarks, “His poor missus man.”

Tonight Ayling is up for eviction against Hardeep Singh Kohli.

Celebrity Big Brother continues at 9pm. 

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