Celebrity Big Brother: Rylan Clark Reveals His ‘Dream’ American Housemate Is Going In - But Who Is it?

The start of this summer’s Celebrity Big Brother is just EIGHT SHORT DAYS AWAY (consider that your warning), and just to make us even more excited, Rylan Clark has been teasing one of the American housemates.

Oh, Rylan, you big tease you.


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In case you didn’t know and/or are still reeling from all the ridiculous drama of January’s CBB, this summer’s house will have a UK vs USA theme, with housemates battling it out in tasks and challenges.

While the full and confirmed list of housemates is yet to be released, Rylan has hinted that a MEGA USA star will be popping over to Borehamwood for a fairly claustrophobic staycation.

He said: “My dream American contestant is going in! I can’t tell you who but they have always been on my dream list.”


Speidi in CBB back in 2013. Copyright [WENN/Channel 5]

Sadly, he isn’t allowed to spill all of the metaphorical beans, but that doesn’t stop us betting our last custard cream, 5p and an old button we found in our pocket on who it could be.

He continued: “You get certain American housemates like Speidi or Perez who are like, ‘Team USA!’ and have everything American and even the American flag above their bed.

“They are just so patriotic and they feel like they are doing it for their country. Normally, when you see that type of American housemate, that is when the arguments start because the British think, ‘Well, hang on a minute, why are you forcing this in our faces?’ It is going to be great.”

Speaking about Speidi, Emma Willis added: “They were one of the first that went in there and obviously played the game. There was no mucking about.


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“They were being paid to do a job, they were entertaining, they were causing havoc, they were winding people up, and they did it brilliantly to the point where you didn’t know that’s what they were doing or if that was really them!”

Emma has added her two-penneth about who she’d love to see in the house too, saying Eamonn Holmes would be the dream for the UK, while Ellen DeGeneres would be amazing on the USA’s side.

We concurr.

Like us, she’s still reeling from January’s Perez Show vs Katie Hopkins, and has said: “That head to head was fascinating. It was every emotion that you could feel about two human beings in the space of four weeks.

“It was hugely entertaining and controversial but, at the end, I just needed it to be over.”

Didn’t we all, Em. Didn’t we all.

Big Brother’s Bit On The Side host Rylan also briefly spoke about this year’s awesome theme, giving us a few more details about what it will involve.

He revealed: “It’s not like a split down the middle but it will see the competition heat up. There are going to be a lot of twists and turns along the way – there is so much I want to say and I can’t!

“It’s going to be great and we are over the moon. I think this series we are geared up and ready for the crazy! I am really excited about this series because it is something that we have never done.”

Celebrity Big Brother returns at 9pm on August 27th, and we absolutely cannot WAIT!