Celebrity Big Brother: Saira Khan And James Whale Clash Over ‘Racism’ Allegations

They’ve only been in that house for just a few days, and they’re ALREADY having rows with each other.

To be honest, we couldn’t ask for anything more from this year’s crop of Celebrity Big Brother contestants.

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Last night, viewers saw Saira Khan and James Whale undergo a pretty awkward exchange, after Saira asked him why people viewed him as a racist.

The radio presenter told her: "I don’t know, I’ve never heard that before.“

“A man rang in to my show and said ‘James, they should get all the foreigners out of this country’ – to which I said, 'I’ve never heard so much rubbish in my entire life.’

After that, Saira seemed a tad confused, and told James that it was 'sad’ that he was known for that – to which he replied:

"I don’t think I am known for that. I don’t know. I really don’t know. I’ve been one of the judges of the British Curry Awards for 10 years”.

A shining example of multiculturalism, folks.

OK, so not exactly the easiest conversation to have with someone you’ve just met, but it’s not exactly an EDL riot, is it?

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But later on when the housemates were all settling down together, James took the opportunity to tell the housemates a 'joke’ – that Saira thought James was a racist.

Something Saira didn’t exactly seem thrilled about.

"No I did not think that. I did not say that. OK excuse me sir … I didn’t say that, so don’t twist it.”

After James said he was 'winding her up’, the former Apprentice star continued to fight her corner:

“If that’s a wind-up, some people could take that seriously.“

"I said 'When you type your name, it’s tagged with you, and why?’ And you said, 'It’s unfair,’ so I said, 'OK’.

"You say that and people go, 'Oh my goodness why’s she said that?’ All of a sudden you’ve created a perception.”

“Don’t wind me up. Because they’re quite serious allegations.”