Celebrity Big Brother viewers want Andrew Brady and Courtney Act to get together as 'sexual tension grows'

Of all the potential showmances or romances that could have been in the Celebrity Big Brother house, the growing ‘love story’ between Apprentice star Andrew Brady and drag queen Courtney Act, also known as Shane Janek, is arguably the most unexpected of all, with viewers taking to social media to insist that “sexual tension” is “growing” between the two men as even the housemates questioned their relationship.

After clicking early in the series, Andrew, who identifies as straight, was seen telling Ann Widdecombe in last night’s [10 January] episode: “Courtney’s the sexy one who you’d want at your hotel room when you come back from the eviction.”

Andrew has a strong connection with both Shane and Courtney. Copyright: [Channel 5]

Shane then explained to the star: “I straddle the gender divide.

“While I’m not a woman as Courtney, I do have a unique experience as Courtney, especially with straight men. It’s fascinating to see how straight men treat me as Shane and as Courtney.”

When Andrew asked if he treats Shane differently when he’s dressed as Courtney, Shane continued: “You’re more flirtatious, I think understandably so, you’re a young viral man with sexual desires, and Courtney is aesthetically a tarty, attractive woman.”

Courtney explained how she ‘straddles the genders’. Copyright: [Channel 5]

Later in the episode, when Shane was dressed as Courtney, Love Island star Jonny Mitchell told her that Andrew is probably attracted to her, sharing: “I reckon you break his walls down a bit – metaphorically, not physically. You might do something there, you know.”

To which Courtney replied: “Obviously I think Andrew is cute. Alcohol might play a big part, he’s really willing to…”

Jonny questioned Courtney about her relationship with Andrew. Copyright: [Channel 5]

Before Jonny pointed out the “mutual flirtation”.

And whatever is going on between the pair, fans are loving it – taking to social media to “ship” the two contestants:

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm on Channel 5.

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