Celebrity Gogglebox fans amused as Shaun Ryder struggles with chocolate brand name

Celebrity Gogglebox's Shaun Ryder left viewers in stitches with his unique pronunciation of a well-known chocolate brand.

In the latest episode of the hit Channel 4 reality show, celebrities including Denise Van Outen, Gok Wan and Lulu gave their opinions on some of the most popular TV shows.

One such programme was The Yorkshire Vet, which featured a poorly Cocker Spaniel named Poppy. When Poppy was taken into surgery, the vet discovered a heap of chocolate wrappers in her stomach.

Poppy's owner revealed that she had returned home to find a box of Heroes chocolates and several Ferrero Rochers had been devoured.

Upon watching the clip from The Yorkshire Vet, Happy Mondays frontman Shaun Ryder couldn't resist commenting, but viewers were more focused on his attempt to pronounce the famous chocolate brand.

While Lulu described the situation as "insane", Ryder said: "Oh look! Ferecho Raris or whatever they're called. Wrapped in that thing."

Taking to X, formerly Twitter, a viewer joked: “With these Freshro Raries you are really spoiling us”.

Shaun and Bez
Shaun and Bez

Another viewer tweeted: "If Ferrecho-Raris isn't trending on Twitter by now, the world's f****...God bless Shaun Ryder! " while another simply posted: "Feresho-Ferraris", followed by laughing emojis.

However, not everyone found the incident amusing, with one person recalling: "Takes me back to the time my dog ate a whole box of After Eights with wrappers".

Another viewer reminded others: "Just so you know, chocolate is poisonous to dogs."