Celebrity MasterChef viewers confused by Marcus Butler

Who is Marcus Butler? ‘Celebrity MasterChef’ fans have no idea.

‘Celebrity MasterChef’ returned to BBC One last week, along with some of the nation’s most-popular B-Listers… But one name stood out from the crowd – Marcus Butler. He’s one of the top YouTube vloggers in the UK, with over 4.5 million subscribers.

But let’s face it – ‘MasterChef’ viewers aren’t exactly his demographic…

And even Greg Wallace had no idea who he is.

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‘Celebrity MasterChef’ is usually renowned for its contestants’ rubbish cookery skills.

But during the opening episode of this year’s series, there was an entirely different talking point – exactly who is Marcus Butler?

Unfortunately, many, many viewers had no idea… and neither did Greg Wallace. And that left the 24-year-old online vlogger having to painfully describe exactly what he does.

“'Basically I make YouTube videos and comedy sketches based around my life,” he told Greg… who barely seemed to get it. “I post [videos] online and lots of people around the world watch it. I get 24 million views a month!”

But while the YouTube star has racked up 342.9million views in five years, ‘Celebrity MasterChef’ still had no idea… and took to Twitter to vent their frustration.

“Most of the #MasterChef demographic have no idea what a vlogger is,” said @SianJasper. “#CelebrityMasterchef.”

And some viewers called Marcus’ celeb credentials into question.

“'Why does celebrity #Masterchef have a vlogger on?” asked @MariaHolmes94 “Are vloggers celebrities??”

“WTF is a ‘vlogger’ when it’s at home?!” said @NikitaCatSpeaks “A posh word for ‘unemployed and likes wittering on the internet’? #MasterchefCelebrity #masterchef”

Of course, Marcus is an internet celebrity… which means he’s well-versed with the more negative aspects of social media. And thankfully, he took it all on the chin.

Marcus Butler fans will be pleased to note that he got through the first round… but his time on the show was cut short after he was knocked out on Friday’s show. “Ah well! What an amazing experience,” he said. “Did better than i and everyone had thought and learnt so much along the way.”

Perhaps he can show us what he learned in a new YouTube video…

‘Celebrity MasterChef’ returns on BBC One, Wednesday at 8pm.

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Picture Credit: BBC, Twitter

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