Celebrity Reactions to Kirk Cameron's Controversial Comments

Actor Kirk Cameron ("Growing Pains") seems to have stepped into a bit of a mess this past week after an appearance on "Piers Morgan Tonight," where he took a very strong stance against gay marriage and called homosexuality "unnatural." As always, the Twitter universe lit up, with many celebrities tweeting their two cents on the matter. Here is a handful of some of the more notable responses.

"Rush makes me ashamed to be a middleaged white man and Kirk Cameron makes me ashamed to be a failed actor. We don't all think like that NoH8." - Talk Show Host and Actor Craig Ferguson

"In light of my annoyance with Kirk Cameron Patricia Heaton, Rush Linbowel, Santorum etc today. I think this is fitting" - Soap Opera Actress Nancy Lee Grahn

"Omg he's detrimental & destructive to mankind! RT @eonline: Kirk Cameron: Homosexuality Is "Detrimental and Destructive" - "Millionaire Matchmaker" Patty Stanger

"Kirk Cameron thinks homosexuality is "unnatural" & "ultimately destructive". Well, Kirk, that's how I feel about ignorance, bigotry & hate." - Author David Mack

Kirk Cameron STILL trending worldwide, now 25 hours after our interview aired. I think this hit a national nerve, right? #CNN #GrowingPain - Talk Show Host Piers Morgan

""If I'd known you were like this when we met, I wouldn't have agreed to be with you all those years." -Kirk Cameron's perm." - Comedian Sarah Colonna

Wish I could go to the 80s & un-buy that Kirk Cameron poster. Loving God but spreading hate has never made sense to me. - Colonna again, adding another witty remark.

"Dear #KirkCameron, with those eyebrows you'd sure be a purty drag queen.… "- Actress/Writer Nia Vardalos

"Kirk Cameron says marriage was defined by God in the Garden of Eden. No response from Cameron on why the world isn't full of talking snakes." - Author Christopher Rice

What did you think of Kirk Cameron's comments?

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