The Hair Trends That Were Everywhere In 2020

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Photo credit: Instagram
Photo credit: Instagram

From Marie Claire

Look, I get it: Hair decisions are tricky, emotional, and risky. But you should trust that with the right research and a skilled stylist, it will feel fun. (And if you end up hating your new look, remember that nothing lasts forever!) It's so easy to go through the motions, hair-wise, and chill with one style all the time. But a hair change can spark something within yourself and give you a whole new wave of confidence. To get your creative juices flowing for 2020, I spoke to celebrity hairstylists who are established trend predictors to provide you with a visual mood board of styles. Now make space in your phone for a new inspo album, and get to scrolling.

Swishy Bangs

When you're in lockdown, it can be easy to forget that sometimes the simplest of hair tweaks can make all the difference in the world. Take Priyanka Chopra Jonas' brand-new bangs. This airy, brow-skimming fringe frames her face just so, and creates an everyday style with very little effort. (This cut is especially good if you have naturally wavy hair that won't require tons of coaxing or smoothing.)

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Braids For Babes

Protective styles like braids are always a good idea, but even more so now when we're all visiting salons and stylists a little less frequently. Take these blonde ropey plaits on Marsai Martin, which her hairstylist Ashley Noel says were inspired by '90s Moesha vibes. If your ends tend to frizz—or, heck, if the whole length does—warm a dab of a moisturizing pomade in your palms and apply in long strokes.

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Good Waves Never Get Old

When you have a haircut this flattering, a few bends with a super-hot curling rod are all you need for next-level style. Hough didn't tag a stylist in this pic, but we're guessing it was the handiwork of her longtime stylist Riawna Capri. And if you're trying something similar at home, go for a smaller barrel rod, which will you create the delicate, detailed crimps you crave.

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Live Your Best Bob Life

Derek Yuen, the stylist to Lana Condor, Megan Fox, and more, has been cutting a lot of bobs lately. But not regular bobs—blunt bobs. "The sharp, precise cut makes this style a win in photos and on red carpets," he says, recommending that you choose the length that best suits your face shape. If you want to try a textured bob instead, Giovanni Vaccaro, Glamsquad artistic director and celeb stylist, suggests using Glamsquad's The Untamed Texture Spray. If you prefer a piecy finish, he advises Ouai's Matte Pomade.

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Embrace Your Natural Texture

"Show it off, the natural way," says Vaccaro. "Many women are opting to wear their hair the way God gave it to them, without heat styling. To enhance your natural texture, I love GSQ by Glamsquad Curl Shampoo And Conditioner, as well as the Curl gel. It will give any head of curls the hydration and definition it needs."

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Accessorize More

"When we talk about oversized accessories, we’re not talking about handbags or sunglasses, but the revival of the '90s hair clips," Vickie Vidov, who boasts star-studded clients like Julianne Moore, Pryanka Chopra, and Dakota Johnson, emphasizes. "Whether it’s a French-girl barrette, embellished clip, bobby pins, or barrettes, they can be worn by themselves, together, or scattered throughout your hair."

If simplicity is more your vibe, Yuen suggests getting creative with small details. "The best accessories are sometimes minute details rather than screaming loud pieces of jewelry," He explains. "Like using metal, leather, lace, etc. as ties and twists in the hair. It gives an element of surprise and a gentle touch to any hairstyle."

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Try "The Shullet": A Modern Day Take on a Mullet

"The latest version of the mullet is a good contender for straight and curly-haired folks alike," explains Vidov. "While the word "mullet" itself serves as a not-so-friendly reminder of the tasteless, debatable trend, it's gotten its very own makeover and a new name: the shullet. It's like the mullet and the shag had a baby, get it?"

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Wear Less Struggle Ponytails and More Styled Ponytails

Instead of mindlessly pulling your hair back when you don't feel like fussing with it, style it. "From sleek and snatched to textured and messy, you'll be seeing this trend everywhere for 2020," Vaccaro predicts. " I've been using Locks and Mane extensions to create some super fluffy ponys. Leave pieces out to frame your face and create more of an effortless look."

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Experiment with a Super Sleek, Shiny, Glossy Texture

"I love creating a sleek look, whether it’s pulled back into a high pony, low bun, or loose it always very classic, chic and elegant," says celebrity stylist to the stars Millie Morales. "It’s important to use a heat protectant before applying heat and mask the night before to nourish and hydrate strands. One of my favorites is the Garnier Fructis Hydrating Treat Shampoo with Aloe Extract because the aloe has smoothing and hydrating properties. I complete the look with Garnier’s Sleek & Shine Anti-Humidity Hairspray, which is very important as we want to control the strands and ensure they stay down. "

To try this trend: Garnier Sleek & Shine Anti-Humidity Hairspray ($3), Garnier Fructis Hydrating Treat Aloe Hair Mask ($7)



Rock a Single Tone Hair Color All Over

"For 2020, rich, vibrant hair colors are making a major comeback," Washington D.C.-based stylist Yene Damtew, whose clientele includes Michelle Obama, explains. "Many of my clients are steering away from pastel colors or balayage and are now leaning on solid colors like full butter blondes, almond browns and vibrant redheads."

In terms of all-over color maintenance, Vidov suggests using Goldwell Gloss to seal tired ends, provide moisture, and enhance pigment. "An easy way to help with color maintenance is using Rene Furterer’s Okara Shampoo, which has natural okara and hamamelis extracts," she adds. "The sulfate-free formula helps enhance vibrancy and retain color intensity." Morales also agrees that single tone shades will reign supreme this year because the upkeep is so easy. "You can revive permanent hair color at home using the new Garnier Nutrisse Color Reviver ($8) which is a five-minute mask that is used in the shower and will instantly refresh color and leave hair feeling shiny and smooth," she advises.

To try this trend: Rene Furterer Okara Shampoo ($30)


Go Bombshell or Go Home

"We saw it on J.Lo at the Super Bowl and everyone is talking about it," Vacarro points out. "Bombshell hair is back and our volume girls are thrilled about it. Opt for Glamsquad’s Full Effect Volumizing Mousse and apply to the roots before styling to turn up the most volume."

To try this trend: Glamsquad Full Effect Volumizing Mousse ($25)


Give Red a Try

Red is being reimagined this year. You'll see it more warm, less fiery. "In 2020 I envision red having an element of copper to make it look believable and natural. If you get highlights, make sure they’re no lighter than two levels of your existing red for a perfect blend," Celebrity colorist Matt Rez suggests.

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Do Yourself a Favor and Keep Your Color Low-Maintenance

"We saw Greta Gerwig and Saoirse Ronan go for low maintenance color on awards show red carpets this year, and I see this laid-back look taking root in 2020," Rez says. "To get the look, avoid a base color change, and instead opt for foiling techniques to add light or depth for the most graceful regrowth. You can also ask for a 'shadowed root,' which will help regrowth from being too noticeable."

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