Harry Enfield: I’d like to bring back Blackadder with me as Blackadder (obviously)

Harry Enfield: I’d like to bring back Blackadder with me as Blackadder (obviously)

We caught up with comedy legend Harry Enfield to hear about his comedy heroes and what he’d have in store for us if he ruled the world…

Who is your comedy hero? 
Dead or alive? Peter Cook is my hero of all time. When in the mood he could be funnier about anything than anyone else alive. He was breathtakingly intelligent. They say that success is 10% talent and 90% ambition.  Peter was the other way round. For many years he really had no ambition at all, which meant we all missed out hugely. I was lucky enough to know him and my private convulsions with him I'll treasure for ever. Alive? Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. I just love their work, their charm, their knowledge about how to make a film funny AND consistent.

Who do you tip as the next big thing?
Well, I would have said Jack Whitehall, who I first saw in a school play when he was 16. He was brilliant. But I filmed at a school with him recently and he was mobbed by all the girls. So I guess he's already the next big thing. I was mobbed by the deputy head mistress and she was gorgeous, but Jack won in the numbers stakes by 200-1. But I still think I got the better mobbing.  So if not Jack, my tip's Joseph Morpurgo, a brilliant character comic. And for sketch stuff, Hennesy & Friends are great fun.

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Who has been your toughest crowd?
Well I got slow hand clapped off at the Albert Hall in 1986 at a CHARITY GIG (where audiences are always very kind) for doing a new character of mine called Stavros. They didn't like him, but I persevered.
Which classic TV comedy would you like to bring back?
‘Blackadder’ of course. I'd do the abdication. Hugh Laurie as Edward the 8th. Miranda Richardson as Mrs Simpson. Tony Robinson as PM Sir Stanley Baldrick. And me as Blackadder (obviously)

If you ruled the world… 

Who would you make PM and why?
Jamie Oliver. Because he seems like a nice kind guy, but he'd make us Brits "get a bleeding grip". And if I ruled the world I guess I'd be his senior, so I'd a) exclude myself from having to get a grip and b) Make him make me dinner every night. It's a win win win scenario.

Which song would you choose as the national anthem?
God Save The Queen by the Sex Pistols. It would sound so good at Wembley. And coronations.

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What subject would you add to the school curriculum?
Real Life Studies. Kids would learn how to tidy up, wash clothes, use a hoover, change a lightbulb, turn the telly off, shut the door when they come in, not be morons. 

Which activity would you have elevated to an Olympic sport?
Ooh - I've always fancied an Olympic Gold. So it would have to be shuffling along in a bemused daze.

Which law would you introduce?
I'd lower the school leaving age to 13 on condition the children leaving had apprenticeships to go to. There are far too many teachers wasting their lives trying to teach horny teenage idiots who don't want to learn.

What unusual method of execution would you introduce?
Um… Nice One... Don't get me started… Well I suppose if I rule the world there'll be an enormous amount of people who won't agree with what I'm doing, and will therefore have to be put to death. So it's a good question. I think I'd install a guillotine at pillow level above everyone’s beds, with a sim card. Then, when someone displeased me, I could simply send a text message and chop their heads off in the middle of the night. They'd die in their sleep, which is the way we all want to go, isn't it? I'm a very kind man…

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If you had to be any supernatural creature what would it be and why? 
This is the random question?? And the others were not?? I’m the voice of a ghoul ‘Grimly Grim’ this Halloween at the London Eye ‘Witch Academy’ so I think I would have to choose being some sort of ghoul, or maybe a poltergeist. I'd do supernatural home makeovers for TV. Rearrange your house to make it more sellable. I'd like Sarah Beeney to be my co-host. Oh yes…

Harry Enfield is the voice of Grimly Grim at the London Eye ‘Witch Academy’ from 26th October – 2nd November. Go to londoneye.com for more information

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