Jill Gascoigne has Alzheimer's – Daily TV round-up

Gentle Touch star revealed she has the disease during a charity gala in Hollywood

Gascoigne... suffering from Alzheimer's (Copyright: Rex)

TV star Jill Gascoigne has revealed that she is suffering from Alzheimer's.

The 76-year-old actress, who starred as DI Maggie Forbes in the 80s series 'The Gentle Touch', revealed she is suffering from the disease at a Hollywood gala event for an Alzheimer's charity.

Accepting an award on stage, she said: “It’s been so dreadful, this thing, that I decided I was going to stand up and say, ‘Well, it’s going to happen so get on with it. I can’t think of anything else to say’.”

She was accompanied on stage by actress Millicent Martin, and when she appeared confused following her remarks, asking Martin what she should add, Martin replied 'just say thank you'.

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According to reports, Gascoigne has been suffering with a deterioration of her memory for three or four years, but was diagnosed officially 18 months ago.

She was set to make a TV comeback in 2009, after she was cast as Glenda Mitchell in 'EastEnders', but backed out of the role in the days following the announcement. It was then recast with Glynis Barber taking the part.

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“I have tremendous respect for 'EastEnders' and the cast so I didn't want to let the show or my fellow cast members down,” she said at the time, adding she 'lacked experience' in appearing such a big soap.

Gascoigne has been married to 60-year-old actor Alfred Molina, star of films such as 'The Da Vinci Code', for 26 years. [Daily Mail]

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