The Top Three Cheapest Long Distance Telephone Providers to Phone India Announced by

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Nov 11, 2013) - It's no coincidence that the top three companies in the US for cheap phone calls to India all use Voice over Internet Protocol, or "VoIP." The fact is, traditional landline companies charge customers up to 80 percent more than Internet telephone companies, because they have to install, repair, and maintain millions of miles of copper line.

The legacy phone system was put in place when horses and buggies were the primary form of transportation, and the telegraph was being phased out. In similar fashion, VoIP is phasing out the old telephone system and Internet telephone service providers are taking the helm with super-cheap, versatile plans for international calling to over 70 countries.

To help sort through the multitude of VoIP providers offering service, the telecom experts at have reviewed the plans, prices, and customer reviews of dozens of providers nationwide to offer their list of the "Top Three Cheapest Long Distance Telephone Providers" for phoning India.

1. VoIPo

VoIPo is currently offering a two-year service plan for only $149.00. That breaks down to $6.21/month and also includes 60 minutes of international calls to India with their basic service. After the sixty minutes are spent, the calling rate is $0.2/minute any time of day or night. So, a one hour call to Bangladesh would cost less than one U.S. dollar.

VoIPo offers the same two-year plan and calling rates for business service as well as residential. For frequent callers to India, phone plans can be upgraded to a 1200 included-minutes calling plan for an additional $7.95/month. This plan upgrade allows customers to use 1200 minutes of calls anywhere in India for a total of $14.16/month.

2. AxVoice

AxVoice has very competitive pricing on their international calling plans and residential service that begins at $4.95 per month, with no annual service contract. (For one dollar more, customers get unlimited calls anywhere in the US and Canada). AxVoice includes a router with their service plan to customers with analog telephones, and even ships it to the customer without charge. Their international rates to India start at $0.03/minute, and there are no additional "overage" charges for off-peak hours. Just one, flat, monthly rate.

3. home-service plans start at $14.99/month and include many features such as call forwarding to a mobile phone, virtual area-code numbers, call conferencing, and custom on-hold music and professional message service. Rates to Bombay begin at $0.02/minute, even to mobile phones. With virtual area codes, parties in India can call a residence in the US and pay only for the cost of a local phone call. This way, one customer in the US can extend cheap international calling rates to friends and family overseas. It's as cheap as picking up the phone and calling someone around the corner.

From Boston to Bangladesh people are talking about the cheap, new way to phone each other for only a rupee a minute. With Internet phone-service, friends and family can call each other as often as they like, for as long as they wish. To review other VoIP telephone service provider's rates, service plan features and customer reviews please visit