Celebs Go Dating’s Anna Williamson responds to fan criticism of Chloe and Spuddz row

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Celebs Go Dating expert talks Chloe and Spuddz rowChannel 4

Celebs Go Dating expert Anna Williamson has responded to some fan criticism surrounding the fierce argument between Chloe and Spuddz on a recent episode.

In last Thursday's episode, Love Island alum Chloe and Spuddz had a heated argument over her date with Connor. The row was so intense that some viewers took to social media to express their thoughts on the matter, with some calling Spuddz's behaviour unacceptable.

In an exclusive interview with Digital Spy, Williamson has shared her own thoughts about the argument, explaining: "That situation with Chloe and Spuddz, I saw some heat on that. To be completely honest, Spuddz and Chloe get on really well, they’re like brother and sister. Chloe is a really loud, gobby girl and she wouldn’t mind me saying that."

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"Spuddz, he’s a really sparky but really kind gentleman and I think in that moment he felt Chloe was being a bit muggy and he overheard something about Connor, the guy she was dating. "

"I think perhaps he thought Chloe was stirring the pot in that moment when it didn’t need to be. So he bit back."

She continued: "Chloe can shout loud and so can Spuddz, so I do think there are two people there that were on even footing and I don’t think in that moment that Spuddz particularly stepped over a line."

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Williamson clarified that both of them were reminded about being "civil" and "polite" and indeed took that advice. Williamson explained that she viewed the situation as two people both shouting at one another and that's "just the way it was."

"They kissed and made up, and I think everyone needs to move on from that," Williamson said.

Celebs Go Dating airs on weeknights on E4.

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