Celebs with Ugly Feet Look Sexy in High Heels; Sandals, Not so Much

Turns out the flip side of being a glamorous celebrity is not drug addiction or pesky paparazzi. It's deformed feet.

Unlike Barbie dolls (who are born with slanted hooves naturally shaped to fit into high-heeled shoes), red carpet divas who squeeze their feet into cramped shoes like Cinderella's stepsisters end up with painful and disfigured feet and toes.

Oprah Winfrey, for instance, is almost as famous for her bunions as her billions. Four years ago, a big bump on the side of her foot made headlines when she shed her shoes after a night of partying in heels. And a recent photo of the OWN founder's foot makes it look like she has grown what appears to be a sixth digit next to her left pinky toe.

Since outing her bunion, Oprah has talked about how painful her feet are, but she continues to wear ill-fitting shoes. As part of her denial campaign, she has Photoshopped her tootsies on the cover of her magazine, O. "They even retouched her feet to make them look like those of a foot model while her real feet look almost deformed with crooked bunion toes!" an insider told the National Enquirer.

Of course, Oprah isn't the only celebrity with unsightly appendages. The stunning Somali-born model Iman has enough bumpy corns on her feet to make succotash. Ironically, the "Fashion Show" host dissed Michelle Obama once about her appearance with a backwards compliment. "Mrs. Obama is not a great beauty," she told Parade. "But she is so interesting looking and so bright. That will always take you farther." Hopefully, the First Lady does not look to the cosmetics queen for beauty advice, especially concerning foot care.

Fast becoming as well known for her hammertoes as her to-die-for-fashions, Victoria Beckham is another celeb who continues to wear uber high heels despite the harm they have done to her dactyls. "I hate my feet -- they are the most disgusting thing about me,' said the former Posh Spice, who is such a devotee of heels she reportedly clomped around in Louboutins while touring Universal Studios theme park with her sons.

And in what could be a very bad omen for her kitten-heel loving daughter, Suri Cruise, mama Katie Holmes' habit of wearing diagonal, pointy shoes has finally come home to roost. Her bumpy and misshapen digits include a big toe that has been likened to a "boomerang."

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