Central Florida Police Release Video Showing 'What a 3-Year-Old Thinks About Coronavirus'

The Police Department of Winter Park, Florida – near Orlando – have put out a special public safety announcement video featuring a very special host: Kasey, a 3-year-old whose family members work in local law enforcement.

The footage, which was uploaded to the Winter Park Police Twitter account on March 26, shows Kasey telling viewers to remain indoors, that “police officers don’t get to work at home,” and that she’ll get sick if her mother gets sick.

“After when you eat ice cream, wash your hands,” Kasey says, demonstrating proper hygiene with a toy rooster.

At the end of the video, Kasey wheels off on a toy police motorcycle in a shirt that reads “Girls Rule the Galaxy,” confident that her message has been taken to heart. Credit: Winter Park Police via Storyful