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Sony’s robotic dog Aibo

Sony’s much-loved robot dog Aibo made a return on stage at CES this year. The new AIBO can run toward its owner and detect smiles and words of praise, and can remember what actions please the owner. Its eerie, glowing eyes are made of organic light emitting diode (OLED) displays which allow it to display robotic emotions.

Smart mirrors, robot dogs and teaching headbands: The oddest gadgets from CES 2018

Rob Waugh

Every year, the huge Consumer Electronics Show technology trade show in Las Vegas sets the pace for the coming year in technology – and 2018 is no exception.

But it isn’t all huge TVs and high-powered handhelds: there’s some distinctly odd gadgets on display, from a talking fridge, to a ‘smart mirror’ from HiMirror which actually tells users when they have bags under their eyes.

The gadget uses built-in cameras to track users’ faces week by week – offering beauty tips and health advice to help owners look their best.

Here’s some of the most surreal – and ground-breaking – technology unveiled in Vegas so far this year.