CES 2018: Thunder Tiger search and rescue drone could save lives

Ben Travis

Thunder Tiger has designed a drone packed with potentially life-saving technology.

The company specialises in remote-controlled vehicles, and its latest is a mini search and rescue helicopter with tonnes of built-in gizmos.

Displayed at CES 2018, the Las Vegas tech trade show, the helicopter drone is designed to be able to fly and out discover survivors of natural disasters.

The drone flies up to two kilometres high, and can travel at up to 80kph.

Its camera features a 20x optical zoom, with a radar system to detect heat signatures and signs of life.

“They are designed mainly for rescue teams, law enforcement and police,” says Daniel Huang, Manager of International Marketing.

“In the past, rescue teams needed to hand-carry a big machine to find people, but with this rescue helicopter they can use the thermal camera, fly in the air and search for people first.

“Once they search the object for people they can fly lower and use the radar to detect if there’s someone still alive.”

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