CES 2022: Sony reveal new PS5 VR headset alongside new game

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Exhibitor speaking to media (CES 2022)
Exhibitor speaking to media (CES 2022)

CES officially kicks off today with some big announcements planned from the likes of LG, Samsung and Sony this week.

The annual Consumer Electronics Show is taking place both virtually and in-person this year despite concerns of omicron.

A new form of high-tech eye-wear was shown off from a firm called TCL - which gives the wearer the effect of viewing a 140-inch screen from around 13ft away.

Health tech firm Withings unveiled the Body Scan - a smart scales-like health station.

And we had a tease from Sony who unveiled a brand new VR headset and game for the PS5.

The new James Webb telescope has passed a major milestone in its mission to find the first-ever stars in the universe.

On Tuesday the space observatory’s huge kite-shaped sun shield was successfully deployed. NASA said unfolding the sun shield was crucial to the success of the mission.

Scientists in New York say babies born during the first year of the pandemic score lower on a developmental screening test than those born just before it. Fresh warning Thwaites Glacier could trigger sea level rise, and the ‘magic mushroom’ drug which could be used to treat depression.

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