Chainsaw-Wielding Man Spotted During Minneapolis Protest

A man with a chainsaw was spotted at the scene of the George Floyd-related protests on Wednesday evening, May 27. Protests have been ongoing since May 25 death of Floyd, who died while in Minneapolis police custody.

According to the photographer, they bumped into the chainsaw-wielding man while live-streaming the protest. He followed the man with the chainsaw for a while before turned to film to other scenes in the protest.

Another user, who also filmed the man, believed that the man with a chainsaw was a looter.

Looting was reported at a number of businesses in downtown Minneapolis during the May 27 protests, with a Target store on Lake Street, a nearby liquor store, and an AutoZone all targeted, according to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

Minnesota’s governor Tim Walz, called in the national guard on May 28, according to reports. Credit: Anonymous via Storyful