Challenge your vision and find hidden number in sea of 775s in a tricky puzzle

If you've ever fancied giving your grey matter a good workout with an intriguing challenge, then brain teasers might be just the ticket.

Brain teasers are a clever way to test various aspects of your personality - from your IQ level to your creative thinking abilities - by pushing your brain to think outside the box.

A recently discovered puzzle is designed to test the sharpness of your eyesight. Allegedly, only those with hawk-like vision can spot the hidden number within the given timeframe.

The task is straightforward - participants must try to find the number 725 among a sea of 775s in a busy image. Despite the simplicity of the task, it's not as easy as it sounds to spot the elusive number, reports the Mirror.

If you're finding it tough, our advice is to quickly scan each row while focusing on the middle digit of each three-digit sequence. Don't worry if you couldn't spot the number 725 - we've clearly marked it for you below.

Here's a final warning before we reveal the answer. Did you manage to find the number 725? Don't worry if you didn't, we won't hold it against you!

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Let us know in the comments how quickly you found the 725 in this brain teaser.

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