Chamber board chair honored

Jan. 27—PLATTSBURGH — While the North Country Chamber of Commerce honors its chairperson for their work over the year at the annual dinner, President Garry Douglas made sure to tout Alex Barie as one of the best they've had.

"I have genuinely enjoyed the leadership and collaboration of many great Chairs in my 31 years with the Chamber, and Alex is definitely one of the most committed and supportive," Douglas said.

"And the first of the new generation of area business leaders to follow those who were the leaders when I began, her father Mark having been my second Chair back in 1993. We are indebted to her not only for her year as Chair but for all her past and ongoing commitments to the Chamber's work. Onward and upward!"

Barie, who is a broker at CDC Real Estate, said she was grateful for the opportunity and experience as the chamber's board chair in 2023.

She has served on the chamber's board for about nine years now and said it was a nice feeling to be recognized.

"I'm humbled and honored to even have been considered for the chair position," She said.

"What an opportunity and a learning experience for my own business career development. It has been great. I enjoyed it very much and it's kind of sad to see the year over but excited to see what happens next."

In her time as chair, Barie explained that she worked closely with Douglas and acted as a "backboard" for him at times.

"In the sense that when big decisions have to be made and whatnot he likes to come to his chair or the executive team and make sure we're all on the same page going forward and what decisions we want to make and whatnot," Barie said.

"Garry's been doing this for so long that he does a very good job at it, he doesn't need much direction, but I think it's always good to have that support."

Looking ahead to the rest of the year, Barie feels her former role is in good hands with the chamber's new chair. She said some advice she'd give is to take the time to listen.

"It's such an underrated quality: to be able to sit back and listen to conversations and really take in everything. I think everybody is sometimes so quick to want to get their opinions out and what they have to say, and I just think you learn a lot from listening. So that would be my biggest advice to any new chairs," she said.

"Looking forward to all good things to come in 2024."


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